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Use and Care of a Reusable Piping Bags

Piping Bags are a Kitchen Favorite Piping bags are one of my favorite kitchen tools to use and, contrary to popular belief, offer versatility outside of cake decorating. Transferring cake-style donut and muffin batter to trays, creating intricate designs with drizzles of melted chocolate, and even piping mashed potatoes onto dishes are done with ease. When shopping for piping bags, most stores will carry two options for consumers: single-use plastic disposable bags and reusable bags, […]

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cracking eggs

Avoid This Common Mistake Cracking Eggs

Eggs Are a Kitchen Essential Eggs are by far one of the most common items added to a grocery cart, along with bread and milk. Those three items alone scream that a snowstorm is coming in the Northeast. The popularity of eggs is primarily thanks to their accessibility, cost, protein content, and versatility in the kitchen. While eggs are commonly eaten as a breakfast staple, they’re also essential for quiches, cakes, and glazes to create

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bakeware muffins

How to Choose Bakeware

Bakeware Is Not Created Equal When preparing a recipe, the cookware used is equally important as the ingredients added. Different materials can alter how evenly heat distributes, and the care required when cleaning varies. Whether you’re shopping for new bakeware or deciding which to use at home for a recipe, the options can feel overwhelming. There are multiple options, including glass, cast iron, ceramic, stoneware, silicone, and metal. The good thing is that recipes can

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kitchen essentials

Ten Kitchen Essentials I Can’t Live Without

Make Cooking Easier in 2022 With These Ten Kitchen Essentials With the start of a new year, many have made resolutions to help accomplish goals and improve their well-being. For many, cooking at home to save money, create a healthier lifestyle, or reduce single-use plastic waste is a popular resolution. Whether you already cook at home or have made it a goal for 2022, I have some recommendations of kitchen essentials that will make your

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parchment lined cake pan

Hacks for Lining Baking Pans

To Spray, or Not to Spray As a baker, there’s a moment many of us have experienced that causes our hearts to sink. We tell ourselves, “I would never forget to do that” when watching baking challenges. And then we do forget to do it. That glorious cake we spent precious time mixing from scratch and baking in that pan we thought was nonstick sticks. Your heart freezes, especially if making a baked good under a

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The Difference Between Active and Fast Yeast

One of my favorite bakes to make at home is artisan loaves of bread. While the ingredients can be as simple as flour, water, salt, and active yeast, creating bread from scratch can be a time-consuming process. The best reward of making bread at home is not only the satisfaction of cutting into a loaf you shaped by hand, but the aroma created. Once baking, the smell of warm bread begins to fill a home,

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Sugar Varieties and Substitution Made Easy

The World of Sugar In the world of baking, sugar is not as simple as one choice on a grocery shelf. Much like flour, there are various options that, while similar, will alter the outcome of a bake. While flour can impact the texture of a bake and the gluten development (I discuss this more in How to Choose Flour for Baking,) the sugar used will affect the moisture level and consistency of baked goods.

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What Does Cutting Butter in Mean?

What does Cutting Butter in Mean? In the baking world, particularly the pastry niche, cutting butter is a common step. While I’m familiar with it now, when I first tried making scones and read to cut the butter into the recipe, I had no idea what to do in my early baking days. Did I physically cut it with a knife? And if so, into what? Cubes? Slices? While it may initially sound confusing, cutting

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How to Choose Flour for Baking

Why So Many Flour Varieties? When browsing the baking aisle, the variety of flour options can make choosing flour for your recipe seem daunting. Sometimes, it seems easier to reach blindly for a bag when deciding which flour to use for baking. For this article, I will cover how to choose flour and the differences between them. The core variance in all types of wheat flour is whether or not it contains edible bleaching agents.

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