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onions make you cry

Why Onions Make You Cry, and How to Stop the Tears for Good

Do You Dread Cutting Onions? Onions are a kitchen staple that always ends up in my cart when I buy weekly groceries. They’re as versatile as potatoes and can be used in recipes throughout the day. From omelets to salads, stir-fries, soups, stews, and even <a style=”font-weight: bold;” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>caramelized</a>, onions can make a dish shine. Some may disagree, but whether you love or hate onions, there’s one thing we can also agree on […]

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herb garden

Herb Garden Tips to Make You a Gardening Guru

Are You Ready for Gardening Season? While writing this article, I’m enjoying the sunshine and spring air on the patio. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my herb garden bed, which looks a little sad in its current state. I spent some time yesterday cleaning out the pine needles and branches that died off from last season. The surviving plants, including my chive, sage, and lavender plants, are flourishing with new

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white chocolate

The Truth About White Chocolate

There’s Something About Chocolate When you browse grocery aisles, do you make a list beforehand and stick to it? Or are you more adventurous and choose ingredients based on inspiration? While I typically make a list of sale items as a general plan, I tap into creativity to keep recipes fresh and exciting. When I’m looking for something unexpected, chocolate is an ingredient that can bring recipes to a whole new level. One example is

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Do You Know This Surprising Fact About Mushrooms?

The Building Blocks of Flavor When it comes to cooking, recipe creation is something that people either love or dread. For those of you that dread it, I get where you’re coming from. Finding the perfect balance of sweet, salty, acidic, bitter, or umami can take many failed recipes along the way. However, I stuck to recipes as a guide when I started cooking. As I explored and experimented with flavors, recipe creation became something

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Peach Mint Ice Cream

Celebrate National Peach Month It’s hard to believe that July is already drawing the curtains. Summer is in full swing, with beaches packed on weekends and temperatures soaring. While not everyone is a fan of the heat, there is one fruit we can all appreciate currently in season: peaches! The fuzzy stone fruit is a healthy snack that provides vitamins A, C, and E, potassium, and antioxidants. They’re also a perfect ingredient to use in multiple recipes. 

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Modified Food Starch Benefits

When shopping for ingredients, I purchase as many fresh, natural, or minimally processed ingredients as possible. Therefore, the word “modified” in the title may seem a little contradictory. Before you raise an eyebrow, though, hear me out! In this instance, the word modified isn’t as bad or artificial as it sounds. Modified food starch is a thickening agent when added to liquids, prevents caking, and creates silky textures. Unlike regular starch thickening with heat, modified

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