fig and prosciutto flatbread

Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread Is an Easy Date Night Meal!

Gourmet Dinners Don’t Have to Be Complicated

 What comes to mind when you hear the word gourmet? Some may think of high-end restaurants with a waiting list or expensive ingredients like truffles and caviar. And when it comes to making gourmet food, you’ll probably think of complex recipes with many steps. While gourmet food can have those elements, they are unnecessary for an unforgettable meal! What can make a meal gourmet is a dish that highlights and celebrates flavors you don’t use daily. Everyone’s idea of gourmet foods will differ depending on your budget and taste preference. A fig and prosciutto flatbread is one of my go-to recipes for an easy gourmet meal that packs sweet, tangy, and salty flavors. And for your next date night, it’s an easy recipe you don’t need to stress about. 

Fig and Prosciutto Flatbreads are Perfect for Date Nights

Cooking at home is a great way to impress on a date night, especially if their love language is acts of service. But it can be stressful if you’re a beginner cook or don’t have the time to cook all afternoon, especially if you’re trying to impress a date. If you’re nodding in agreement, this recipe is for you. It pairs gourmet flavors with simple steps, and there aren’t any special techniques you need to master. If you can bake a frozen pizza from the grocery store, you’ll have no problem making a fig and prosciutto flatbread. It’ll be ready in under 30 minutes, and best of all, you won’t need to clean a pile of pots and pans afterward. All you need to do is layer the ingredients onto a Stonefire® Naan flatbread, bake, and enjoy! 

The Building Blocks of a Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread

This recipe requires minimal preparation time and only seven ingredients. For the base, Stonefire® Naan flatbreads are my go-to when making pizzas at home. Stonefire® naan eliminates the hassle of making dough from scratch or rolling out a premade dough ball. I also prefer a thinner crust that highlights the toppings rather than a thick crust that can dominate the flavor. They also freeze well, so you can stock up during sales and always have some on hand for last-minute dinner ideas.  

Fig Spread is Used In Place of a Red Sauce

Dalmatia® Original Fig Spread is one of my favorite fig spreads to use in recipes or on a cracker. Whereas other brands have a watered-down jelly consistency, Dalmatia® tastes like pure fig without the change in texture. I use their fig spread instead of a red or white sauce in my fig and prosciutto flatbread. It doesn’t compete with the flavor while still adding a sauce element. 

The Dairy Element

I use Taste of Inspirations Goat Cheese as the dairy element of this flatbread. Goat cheese has a tangy and earthy flavor that balances well with the sweetness figs of and saltiness of the prosciutto. You can add some feta cheese crumbles for a stronger salt flavor.

Additional Fig and Prosciutto Toppings

  • Arugula is a leafy green with a flavor other salad greens can’t offer. It’s often described as a fresh green with notes of pepper and tart. If arugula isn’t available, watercress has a nearly identical flavor. Arugula also has a nice crunch for added texture on a flatbread. 
  •  Fresh black mission figs are perfect for adding to flatbreads. Their flavor is sweet with floral and honey notes, and their texture is soft and silky with a jam consistency in the center.  
  • Prosciutto is a cured meat with a milder flavor than pepperoni or salami. The saltiness is highlighted when baked, and the flavor becomes almost smoky. It’s a great addition to this flatbread because the salty element adds another flavor layer for your taste buds to pick up on, along with the sweet, tangy, and spicy elements. 
  • Once the flatbread is baked, I add a drizzle of Taste of Inspirations Balsamic Glaze. Balsamic glaze is made by simmering balsamic vinegar, which thickens as the vinegar evaporates. Once the vinegar reduces and the sauce thickens, the flavor loses the acidity of the vinegar and transforms into a sweeter syrup with notes of tartness. If you prefer the acidity of balsamic vinegar, you can also serve some on the side in a condiment cup. 
fig and prosciutto flatbread

Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread Pizza

Featuring Stonefire Naan bread, fresh figs, and prosciutto, this flatbread is an easy date night win
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: fig, Flatbread, Prosciutto
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 2
Calories: 462kcal


  • 1 Stonefire® Naan
  • 2 Tbsp Dalmatia® Fig Spread
  • 4 oz. Taste of Inspirations® Goat Cheese
  • cup arugula
  • 2 whole black mission figs
  • 1 oz. prosciutto about 3 strips
  • 2 Tbsp Taste of Inspirations® Balsamic Glaze


  • Remove one Stonefire® Original Naan from the package. If frozen, allow it to thaw at room temperature for a half hour.
  • Spread two tablespoons of Dalmatia® Fig Spread evenly across the Naan surface.
  • Add half of the Taste of Inspirations® Goat Cheese, breaking the log into half-inch pieces. Spread the pieces evenly on top of the fig spread.
  • Add the arugula in an even layer.
  • Cut the prosciutto into three-inch pieces, and spread them evenly across the flatbread
  • Cut the figs into quarter-inch thick slices, and spread them evenly across the flatbread.
  • Top with the remaining goat cheese.
  • Bake at 400℉ for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the edges of the pizza turn golden brown
  • Add a drizzle of Taste of Inspirations® Balsamic Glaze and serve immediately.


Nutrition facts are calculated by WP Recipe Maker using an AI generator. Nutrition information will vary based on the brands and ingredients selected. The nutrition information is a general guide.


Calories: 462kcal | Carbohydrates: 47g | Protein: 17g | Fat: 23g | Saturated Fat: 11g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Trans Fat: 0.02g | Cholesterol: 40mg | Sodium: 731mg | Potassium: 68mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 13g | Vitamin A: 671IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 128mg | Iron: 1mg

Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread Baking Tips

The steps in this recipe are pretty straightforward, and the only cooking involved is baking the flatbread once assembled. As simple as a fig and prosciutto flatbread may be, I have tips to help ensure your pizza tastes like it was made at an authentic pizzeria every time!

  • Stonefire® Nann flatbreads freeze well, but I don’t recommend saving time by loading fresh ingredients onto a frozen naan. The toppings will be evenly cooked, and the edges of the Naan will turn golden brown, but the center of the crust may not form a crispy center. Instead of layering ingredients onto a frozen Naan, allow the flatbread to thaw at room temperature for a half hour before adding the fig spread and toppings
  •  You can place your flatbread directly on the oven rack while baking for an extra crispy crust. Because the Naan is already baked, it won’t sag between the spaces.  For softer crusts, place the flatbread on a baking sheet which helps to trap moisture in the crust and prevents it from drying out and crisping. 

Leftover Storage Tips

If you have leftover fig and prosciutto flatbread, leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to three days. But for the best flavor, try to have leftovers within a day. The arugula can absorb the fig spread and become soggy the longer it sits. 

While it is possible to freeze leftovers or an unbaked assembled pizza, I don’t recommend it. The Naan flatbread will freeze well, but the arugula, fig, and prosciutto don’t always thaw well. As those ingredients thaw, they can turn mushy from the water content freezing, expanding, and then melting during the thawing process. For the best flavor and texture, purchase those ingredients as close to when you plan to bake your flatbread. 

Reheating Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread Tips

When reheating leftovers, the best methods are either on a stovetop or baking in an oven or air fryer. If you’re in a pinch for time, you can microwave leftovers, but it can come out rubbery when microwaved. Baking or heating on a stovetop reheats leftovers while preserving the flavor and crispiness of the crust. 

Heat a skillet large enough for the leftovers over medium heat when reheating on a stovetop. Once heated, add the flatbread and a tablespoon of water poured down the side of the skillet, not on top of the pizza. Cover the skillet with a tight-fitting lid and cook until heated about three to five minutes. The skillet will crisp the bottom, and the steam will perfectly melt the cheese! 

Preheat your oven or air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to reheat by baking. Place leftovers directly on the rack or a crisping tray for a crispier crust if the leftovers are cut small and aren’t supported by the rack bars. Bake until the leftovers are heated throughout, about 4 to 7 minutes. 


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