What Does Cutting Butter in Mean?

What does Cutting Butter in Mean? In the baking world, particularly the pastry niche, cutting butter is a common step. While I’m familiar with it now, when I first tried making scones and read to cut the butter into the recipe, I had no idea what to do in my early baking days. Did I physically cut it with a knife? And if so, into what? Cubes? Slices? While it may initially sound confusing, cutting […]

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How to Choose Flour for Baking

Why So Many Flour Varieties? When browsing the baking aisle, the variety of flour options can make choosing flour for your recipe seem daunting. Sometimes, it seems easier to reach blindly for a bag when deciding which flour to use for baking. For this article, I will cover how to choose flour and the differences between them. The core variance in all types of wheat flour is whether or not it contains edible bleaching agents.

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