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How to Use a Butter Crock

What Is the Purpose of a Butter Crock? A Butter crock is a way to store butter at room temperature while extending the shelf life as long as possible. Butter crocks are commonly made of ceramic and used to keep butter fresh. While crocs can be placed in a fridge when traveling, butter crocs are intended for counter storage at room temperature. Using the correct type of butter is essential when using a butter croc. I cover choosing […]

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Can Butter Be Stored at Room Temperature?

Say Goodbye to Cold Butter Tearing Bread One of my favorite aromas in a kitchen is freshly baked bread. When sliced fresh while the bread is still warm, slices of butter melt with ease. However, once that bread cools, cold butter can tear apart slices of bread. There are a few tricks to warm the bread or butter including microwaving, but one option is to leave the butter out on a counter. You may be

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