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Dark Chocolate Month is February!

February is National Dark Chocolate Month Dark chocolate is one of my favorite flavors to use at home when baking, creating cocktails, or even enjoying a piece with a glass of red wine. The Aztecs first cultivated cacao seeds around 1100 BC, turning the seeds into Xocolãtl, or “bitter water.” Aztecs traditionally brewed the cacao seeds with water and chili powder, creating an ancient form of hot cocoa. During the Industrial Revolution, mills pressed cocoa […]

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The Ultimate Spiced Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

It’s Time to Break Up With Hot Cocoa Mix Winter and warm beverages go hand-in-hand during the winter. From a hot cup of tea, coffee with a dash of coffee liquor or Irish cream, or my personal favorite, hot chocolate, they all pair well with a good book and a fireplace. While packets of a cocoa mix are convenient for camping or traveling, you’re selling yourself short. You deserve a luxurious homemade cup of hot

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