baileys and espresso cupcakes

Baileys and Espresso Cupcakes Are An Easy Crowd Pleaser

Gourmet Desserts Shouldn’t Be Complicated If you’ve ever created a dinner party menu, you know it can be stressful. You want to create dishes that are memorable, but also easy to make for your time budget. When hosting a party, I plan at least one course that will create a “wow” effect without needing to spend hours in the kitchen. And while that effect can be created with flavors or presentations, I try to incorporate both […]

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The Ultimate Espresso Martini

The Rebirth of a Classic When you hear the word history, what comes to mind? Some of you may wince from the memory of textbooks, exams, and date recollection. Yet, looking beyond the pages, history becomes a fluid experience we are immersed in constantly. History evolves into a living, breathing time capsule when focusing on celebrating cultures. That evolution is a core element in various industries, including art, fashion, beauty, design, and culinary. In the

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